Trent Brown working out in New England during time off, hoping for repeat of 2018

Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown has always had the physical tools to be an elite NFL lineman, but he hasn’t always put it all together. His best season, however, came in 2018 when he was with the Patriots for a year, and now he’s back with the Patriots and planning to run it back.

Although NFL players are free to do whatever they want during the six weeks between mandatory minicamp and training camp, Brown said that he is staying in New England so that he can continue doing the team’s prescribed strength and conditioning program at the team facility. He said that’s exactly what he did in 2018.

“I’m just following that same blueprint,” Brown said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN.

Brown played so well for the Patriots in 2018 that the Raiders signed him to a four-year, $66 million contract in 2019. He didn’t play at the same level during his two years with the Raiders, but now he’s back in New England, and the Patriots would love to see him back at his 2018 form.