Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford is “even better than advertised”

Sean McVay is excited about his new quarterback.

The Rams head coach has been pretty clear about that since Los Angeles executed the trade to bring in Matthew Stafford. And after the team finished its offseason program, McVay extolled the quarterback’s on- and off-the-field qualities to Albert Breer of

“Bro, this dude’s a bad MF-er,” McVay said. “Whatever people say about him, as good as it can be, he’s even better than advertised. It makes sense to him. The guy’s ability to see the game, his ability to draw on his experiences, the feel that he has, it’s pretty special and unique. And man, his feel for people, his authentic way of connecting with his teammates, his coaches, this guy, it’s great being around him.”

Stafford’s arrival has meant some sky-high expectations for a team that has gone 43-21 with a 3-3 postseason record since McVay arrived as head coach in 2017. McVay’s admitted he’s been in a better mood this offseason with Stafford at quarterback. If the Rams get back to being one of the league’s top-scoring offenses in 2021, that feeling may last through the end of the year.