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True Humaniversity Foundation is a luxurious and fully Air Conditioned Alcohol & Drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India. True Humaniversity Foundation – Mumbai is committed to providing its patient with a  professional environment where they are treated with utmost care and concern.

Our  holistic and unique way aims to approach at addressing the physiological, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. This is achieved through individual and group counsellings, yoga, feelings management, meditation sessions  and therapy sessions.

True Humaniversity Foundation gives special emphasis on nutrition, exercise and recreation  of individuals to ensure a complete healing of body, mind and soul. Our dedicated staff  is  always committed to support, guide and inspire individuals to make the right moves in life.

Best Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Mumbai, India.

Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India for De-Addiction Treatment

The first step to recovery is when an individual accepts of having addiction problems and agrees to seek help from professionals. Alcohol and Drug De-Addiction Treatment allows them to move into a clean and sober environment. Being away from the destructive atmosphere and supported almost 24/7 by our expert counselors and other trained staff, greatly helps the individuals.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." - Hippocrates


The Journey To Beating Addiction

A lot of experiences and stories are centralized around the term “addiction”. There is this stigma the world associates with the individuals trapped in the web of it. Societies shine a torch of shame and scrutiny upon their faces and chant that cursed name “addict”.

Most people say the journey to addiction is wide and free, while the road to breaking its bond is narrow and tedious. However, only the trapped victims understand the weight of words and actions which hurt and imprint scars which led to them to the bottle and powder. One day turned to two and the comfort from the feeling became a resting place from the realities and problems of life.

The journey to addiction might have begun with one sip or sniff but the journey to recovery begins with admitting there is a problem which requires solving. The very big question which hangs in the air is, “Are You An Addict?” Here are facts to guide you into admitting the presence of the demon.

3 Signs to Confirm An Addiction

Frequency of Usage

The first symptom for addiction is frequency, the point when you can’t just stop. The progressive nature of drug or alcohol use is a recognizable trait for addiction. The minute the mark continues to peak unconsciously over a period of time, do not test your resistance levels by trying to lay off for a while, seek HELP! At this point, peaking levels of days or hours between usages might not begin to affect your daily life. Those times in between working hours where the stress is beyond what you think you can control and those pain killers come in handy, one or two pills every two hours, seek immediate help. The minute the frequency of the shots go beyond Saturday night and extend after work, seek immediate help.

Interference with Daily Life

The interference of any activity with the daily living of a person indicates the importance of such an entity. Now, when that activity becomes a bottle of vodka or preferred liquor, or powder gotten from a certain John Doe, on the next block, this very minute of realization is an indication of needed change to and this cycle. Do not let the attention of your boss be called on the smell of alcohol or your state of mind during working hours before you get your bags and sign yourself up in a rehabilitation center. If restocking of your drugs without prescription becomes more important than picking up your kid from school, then there is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed. No substance should affect the state of your daily life except it gives relief to a medical condition and must be prescribed.

Dependence and Tolerance

The third most unavoidable sign do addiction is the dependence of a person to the substance. There has to be a limit to everything. Addiction removes the line of limitation and gives a blurry vision of right and wrong. Is it wrong to take out the money for utilities to calm the shaking and sweating because the stock of cocaine finished three hours ago? Yes. Is it a problem when my pantry has nothing but alcohol and this has been the case for the past few weeks? Yes. When evident dependence and continuous mental defense played by your consciousness to defend the urges do not stop, it is time to finally admit the problem. Admitting the problem is the first step, the next step is to make the effort to get help for this problem.

How To Get Professional Help To End Addiction

Addiction is a recognized mental health problem which has specific professionals that guide patients in ending its reign. There are different types of aids which are built to help addicts beat addition. The following are  professionally certified help created for addiction treatment;

  • Support Groups

For people who do not have the chance to leave work and break away from the school curriculum, support groups are built to effect collectiveness in the struggle for freedom from the shackles of this stigma and health problem. Support groups were created to make individuals know that they are not alone in the struggle to good health. Not just one person but anyone can be caught in the trap of addiction. With stories shared and a trained therapist to guide the group, each member is given tasks and led into beating any addiction.

  • Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction treatment centers are organized institutions which are established to help individuals end addition through specialized treatment plans. There are different centers for different addiction types.

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol rehabilitation centers have different plans for aiding alcoholics in breaking free of the problem which has or can become a major problem in their lives. Professional therapists and medically certified procedures are designed in the form of plans and packages over a specific period of time to guide patients slowly and surely in being free. A very friendly environment is created for patients in order to effectively treat and eliminate alcoholism.

  • Drug Rehabilitation Center

The indiscriminate taking of drugs of any kind and form is quite popular especially since it can be covertly hidden. Drug rehabilitation centers have specialists on this subject who have experience and will lead patients down the road to beat and break free of drug addiction. A safe environment which is free of negativity and equipped with therapists willing and ready to dive deep into the problem beyond the taking of the drug to the real issues covered by an escape in overdosing of drugs.


There is a certain kind of happiness which is not dependent on substance, time or money. The happiness of freedom and liberation that cannot be bought or tainted. This is the goal of any addiction treatment center. In order to beat the tainting mark of addiction, it is important to follow in the treatment methods of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers offer. For you to reach that level of happiness independent of any circumstances, the power hold from substance has to be broken.